Writing Prompt Thursday: Hot Chocolate Catastrophe

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Introducing Thursday writing prompts! Throughout the week, I will ask people on my Facebook page for a writing prompt. By Thursday,  I will choose one prompt out of the list for my 10 year old daughter to write a story about.

Today’s winner is, Man Spills Hot Chocolate on his Crush. Here is what my daughter came up with. Enjoy!

Isn’t she pretty?

Have you ever went on a date with your girlfriend and something went wrong? Well a man named JOSH (my moms brother) has.
Josh went on a date with his wife on Christmas Eve and they went to a fancy restaurant  for dinner and the waiter came to their table. ” I can take your order whenever your ready,” Josh ordered them both a hot chocolate.

After telling each other how much they love him or her their favorite song came on. Josh asked Jaleesa if she wanted to dance, It was stupid of josh to take his hot chocolate with him and guess what happend… I cant tell you yet, anyway they were happy and having fun dancing and all of the sudden a big harry, sweaty, and grumpy man bumped into josh… and as soon as he did it Josh’s hot cocoa splatered all over jaleesa`s brand new shiney white dress that she loved. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY DREEEEEESSSSSSSSSS”!!!!!!!!!!! yelled jalisa while running out the door. Good thing their still together ’cause someone needs to take care of josh.

So men whatever you do dont bring your drink with when your dancing because that harry man will give you really bad luck. No kidding.

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