Vacation Hot Spot: The Hospital Visit Number 235134613461

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We get to take vacation in a nice resort this week. The food is free. You have a lady who waits on you hand and foot whenever you press a little red button that always sits beside your bed. It’s a dream come true!

Oh wait…. It’s not. I just read the name on the front of this resort. This is a nightmare. It says HOSPITAL! NoooooOOOOooooOOO!

Many of my more dedicated readers know by now that I have children with some pretty messed up health. Thanks ObamaCare… (It’s actually because they were born early, but blaming Obama makes everything more interesting.)

My youngest daughter with us runs crazy fevers due to unknown infections. It happens often, and has become part of our lifestyle. It’s not that we accept it, and are willing to live with it forever. It just doesn’t shock us, and send us into a frenzy when it happens. That’s how you get gray hair. I’d rather not have gray hair yet. *pluck*

As of right now, my daughter is sitting in her hospital bed with monitors, tubes, and wires coming from every crevice. If you are a SciFi nut, you would totally geek out if you saw her. I think she’s a CyberMan in training. (If you are not a SciFi nut, Google it…… There. Don’t you feel more cool now? You’re welcome.)

She feels a lot better than she did yesterday. We know this because she had randomly started screaming at her Subway Surfer’s game when the mystery box didn’t give her what she expected. We’ve all been there, right?

Someday, we hope to be passed all these fevers and infections allowing us to lead a somewhat normal life. Whatever that means for us. We get a little tired of these resort stays. They interfere with our big plans of grandeur, like sleeping in. Sleeping in is a wonderful plan to have.

Curse you, illness for interrupting our sleep! May Odin smite you where you stand! — As long as you aren’t standing next to me.

My daughter is getting a bit fed up with it as well. The lab team came in today to test for influenza. She didn’t miss a beat. “Get out of my room!” She’s 6, and already knows how to advocate for herself. Makes a daddy proud.

By the time all my children grow up and leave the roost, I’m pretty sure my wife and I will have learned every medical term possible. We may open our own practice.

Slogan: Who needs college? We have experience!

I’m sure we’ll have a waiting room full of clients, especially if we open our practice up in my wife’s home state. Arkansas for those of you who haven’t kept up.

For now, we sit here tackling one fever at a time. Super parents to the rescue.



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