The Parenting Nightmare: You Are Not Alone

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Everyone’s children have those moments. You know them. The ones that make you want to hide under a table, and wait for the day to just be over. Those moments when you need to step outside to just scream at the sky for about an hour. You are not alone in your journey. There are other parents out there just like you! They have the same stresses. They have those same moments.

I asked a few parent’s to tell me what would they describe as their most notable “moment” would be. I wanted to know their tantrums, their messes, their sudden, unexpected outbursts. The following is what some of those parents replied.


The WTF Moment

One of my little superheroes has earned himself a nickname at our local children’s hospital – so far this year we are up to 3 visits to the Accident and Emergency Department.

This year, L’s injuries include:

  • He managed, somehow, to get a padded toilet seat stuck around his neck. Why he stuck it over his head, we will never know. It was removed with garden shears.
  • He stuck a sultana up his nose. We removed the said sultana while he was asleep. And no, he didn’t think to tell us about the sultana!
  • He stuck two, yes two, beads in his ear. After the first was removed in a rather dramatic and traumatic fashion, the doctor found a second bead to which L declared, “oh green, my favorite color!” Not in your ear buddy. Cue a trip to the children’s hospital to undergo a general anesthetic to remove the said bead. This resulted in L gaining the nickname of “bead boy” from the Emergency Department staff!
  • L fell out of the school bus and landed head first on the school driveway on the first back to school of second term. He gave himself a concussion and we ended up back at the Children’s hospital (two weeks after the bead incident) where the Emergency Department staff recognized him!
  • L stuck a plastic bead tube (a crafty type activity) in his other ear. Cue yet another trip to the Children’s hospital to get it removed. This time around the Emergency Department staff were joking that they should put me on the payroll as we are there so often!
  • Just recently L declared “Mummy, I can’t get them off!” L stuck two, yes two, plastic fish eye science toys on his fingers right down to and over the last knuckle. Far out!!! A combination of cooking oil, a hobby vice, pliers and wire cutters and they were both off. Lucky it was on a Saturday night as dinner was quite late!!!

Now excuse me as I go and pour myself a glass of red!! Life is never dull!
The Meltdown of all Meltdowns

Meltdowns are one side of autism that people don’t like to talk about. It is somewhat of a taboo subject. When a child is in the midst of a meltdown they have no control whatsoever over their actions and injuries can be the end result.

L had a whopper of a meltdown that lasted well over an hour, and at the conclusion of it, I had a black eye. I was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’d put L into his bedroom for his and O’s safety, and he was throwing things out of the doorway into the passage way. I was sitting in the doorway, and I put my head down for a few seconds to take my glasses off as at that stage I was mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. When I looked up, a rather large ninja turtle collided with my head. He didn’t throw the ninja turtle at me on purpose, I was just in the way.

Oh my gosh. It hurt on all sorts of levels. The bruising and the swelling was incredibly painful and very obvious to those who saw me. Seeing the absolute confusion on L’s face the following morning when he saw the bruise was emotionally draining. He had no recollection whatsoever of what he had done the previous evening. Thankfully this type of injury only happens once in a blue moon, and when it does occur, I do not hold it against my little superheroes. Neither O nor L would hurt us or each other intentionally. Lashing out during a meltdown is the only way that they know how to communicate when they are unable to find the words to speak.

A meltdown is their way of saying “I am over stimulated” or “I have used up all my energy at school and have none left for home” or “I am scared or worried or anxious.”
I must have a hard head as the top of the ninja turtle’s head broke off after it collided with me. L still hasn’t forgiven me for breaking his ninja turtle!

Jenni Petrey – Mommy Blogger @ Raising My Little Super Heroes


The Things They Say

While traveling down the road with the mother-in-law in the vehicle with us, we passed a car with an unusual sticker.
My Husband discreetly leans over and says, ” Why on earth would someone have a bumper sticker that says ‘I love crack whores’?”
My 6 year old son without missing a beat says, “Well I do not like crack whores.” 😑 My mother-in-law choked as she heard the word “crack whore” slip from his lips.

During play time with those new Christian friends we really want to impress so our kids can grow up with well rounded children, my son shows his new companion the play kitchen, and places a toy pot on his head.

My Son says, “Look I am a pot head!” 😯 No people. My son has no idea what an actual pot head is, but thankfully it was humorous to our new friends! Phew!

While I was breastfeeding my youngest in the nursery, my 6 year old approaches, and says, “Mom, why do you milk him still?” (Milk him stands for breas feed. I have no clue where it came from. I just go with it)

My response: “Mommies have to feed their babies milk for them to grow because we love them.”
Next Sunday was Mother’s Day, and the children wrote down why they love their mom. The Children’s church leader read them out loud to the entire congregation. I was so excited to hear what he wrote.

Leader: “And B says He loves his mommy because..*chuckles*..because she milks me.” Out of everything I do for that child, that is what he chose…smh.



The Unusual Snot Rocket

When my son was about 3, he had a piece of bubble gum that he was chewing. I noticed that he wasn’t chewing anymore. I asked him if he had swallowed it. We had had the discussion of not doing that. He shook his head no. I asked where it was. He pointed to his nose. There it was. A big wad of slimy, gooey, bubble gum, filling his nostril. I tried pulling it out with tweezers, and it just pulled little pieces out. Just as I had decided to take him to the ER to get it out, my dad held the other nostril shut, and told him to blow. The gum came flying out! Grandpa to the rescue. It was quite a while before he had any more gum.



Hygiene Is Important
One time J and I were outside mowing the lawn, and weed wacking stuff. We left A inside to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We would periodically stop and check on her through the window.
After we got done, we headed back inside, and A is nowhere to be found. Suddenly we hear a giggle. It was coming from the cupboard. I opened it to find A naked and covered in lotion; my $60 victoria secret perfumed lotion. Hygiene is important to her apparently.As an added measure, it was all over the living room and couch too.
It was a great day.

Kara Carlyle


Paint the Town Green

A was building a blanket fort, and asked to use the unopened paint can to hold the blanket in place. I told him if he could hold it for 5 seconds then he could. He did. So he carried it in the bedroom, and went to lift it on the chair. He fell into the chair, knocked the paint off, it busted open, and bright green paint splattered everywhere!All over him, the blankets, the carpet, and the ceiling. Fun times.



It Takes Two… To Rob the Bakery

The biggest mess my kids have made would be cup cakes the twins got into at their grandparents house. They had it all over the kitchen floor, and theirselves; from hair to feet. They were smearing it all over the floor where they were hiding . Grandma had told them not to eat any, but that didn’t matter. They stole the whole container, and went under table when Grandma was not paying attention


I hope you enjoyed laughing at everyone else’s expense. You should be ashamed of yourself! Or maybe not.

Do you have horror stories of your own? Feel free to share them in on my Facebook page! Once I get enough, I will share all your stories again!

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9 Responses

  1. Jenni Petrey says:

    I’m glad my two aren’t the only mischief makers 🙂

  2. Marie Novak says:

    Thanks for sharing this. As parents it is good to hear that we are not alone even though it might seem like every other child is behaving like angels and mine is going crazy in the middle of the room. Every child has their moments as we do as adults. We just need to give them the tools to learn from them and we have to give ourselves the tools to live through them.

  3. Oh my gosh, I feel bad laughing at these but they’re just so relatable! Sound just like things my kid would do, haha

  4. Neha says:

    Oh God, these are too hilarious to be true. I am still to experience such messy nightmares but going through these made me little cautious. I will be using my 3rd & 4th eye from now onwards to keep a watch on my kiddo. Once I capture any such crazy moment will remember you and this post for sure. Adult tantrums are caused by hormonal changes what cause toddler tantrums? Any idea 😁

  5. Dilraz says:

    Ahhh the joys of being a parent!
    So good to be able to look back n laugh over it!
    And so relieving for new parents to read that we all are in the same boat too!

  6. jhilmil says:

    Ahh, that’s so true, atleast once or twice a week I have severe nightmares, when I see my kids tantrums and feel that other kids are so lovely and respectful. I’m s happy that I’m not alone and all kids are the same! Its just one day for one and another day for 2nd one:). feeling better!

  7. Kanani B. says:

    I thought this was funny. I was visiting with my mom and she had all of her grandchildren there. So, while they were all playing together, My mom was constantly asking them, “Where are your manners”? And of course, my son would be the one that answers, “In my mouth.”
    Leave it to the kiddos…

  8. Dawn says:

    Oh man, my oldest is 4 and he has been to the ER 3 times this year already and right now is currently healing with 5 stitches in his head. He is always into something and has more energy than any child I have seen. He can barely sit still.

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