The Mission to El Salvador: Our Journey Begins

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After hard work, fundraising, and the generous donations of many friends and strangers, our group of 17 people has finally landed in El Salvador.

El Salvador is a beautiful land with ocean on both sides, and mountains in between. With the tropical foliage scattered al over the terrain, and a volcano viewable in the distance at every point I have ever been to, the sight is just breath taking.

Flying into San Salvador, one of the cities, you get a sense that it is just like any other high functioning society. There are cars driving on the highway, fast food littered on every corner. Yes, everything has switched to Spanish from your usual language (mine of court being English) and the climate changes to more tropical; however, you don’t get an automatic feel that the culture is any different than an 1st world country.

Just a small bus ride away, you soon realize all that hustle and bustle is only attributed to their busines center surrounding airport life. The countryside changes from fast food to street peddlers doing their best just to make ends meet. Apartment complexes begin to change into old worn down brick shelters that they call home. Even further away, brick shelters turn into homes with dirt floors. You begin to notice an armed guard at any establishment carrying a rifle, and the barred windows on stores and homes alike. That airport culture facade wears off quikly, and you begin to see the nation for what it is. Among all the beautiful scenes are a people who deeply need assistance.

We arrive to begin our mission.

What is our mission you might ask? We simply want to make a difference in a country that the world has given up on. Now rated the murder capital of the world, other nations are beginning to shy away from them.

Personally, this is my wife’s and my third trip here.

This year we have decided on a few ways we would like to assist the people, and possibly improve their way of life. While you are reading this, we have probably already began one aspect of our mission here.

RIght now, we are just settling in after a long flight/wait times to get here. We drove to the airport at 2am, left St Louis at 6am, and then left Houston at around noon. It was another 2 hour bus ride to make it to our shelter while we are in the country. Our day begins in the morning before this will even be posted at 6am.

Please keep us in your prayers as we begin to work. Check back in regularly as I update you on what we have been up to while here! (I only get a chance to write at night time because it’s our only access to WiFi.)

While you embark on this journey with us, prayerfully consider with your heart sponsoring us as a monthly partner, or a one time donation. This mission is our passion, and the heart of the whole team. We;ve been 3 times, but we plan on continuing many more.

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7 Responses

  1. Cara says:

    This post was beautifully written. I felt like I was right there with you. I also enjoyed the pictures included to create a well rounded visual of your experience.

  2. Wow – I know you know how life-transforming trips like this can be, because you’ve done it 3x including this one! Our trip does semi-regular mission trips to Honduras, and I hope to be able to go someday when my girls are older. Will be praying for you all while you’re there!

  3. Betty Boiron says:

    This must be an amazing experience for you! Our good friends did something similiar in Haiti and I loved hearing their stories about it.

  4. Jamie says:

    What an amazing thing to do for other people. Sounds like a great mission and really generous gift of your time and efforts.

  5. Shell says:

    I’ve gotten to know you thru our blogging and I’m blessed to call you, friend… You and your family have true and kind hearts…. I will keep your family covered in prayer.

  6. Jiya B says:

    I loved reading your post. Such trips gives anamazing experience sometimes. 🙂

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