The Mission to El Salvador: Free Medical Clinic for a Nation in Crisis

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The streets of El Salvador run rampant with homeless, infirm, and confused people. Children have to help support the family. Homes are turned into make shift shops selling their wares an minimal costs simply to keep the children from starving. People turn to gang families for support, and crime is elevating for the sake of survival. Our team at Consumed International Ministries have been given a vision to reach out, and aleviate that need if only for a short while. We wish to show them that their brothers and sisters from another culture see their struggle, and we care.


We survived a whole day! It was pretty eventful.

The team settled in on our first night exhausted from all the travel, and being awake for a 24 hour period just to get here. We were a group of walking zombies.  The next morning came early.

Saturday was the day of our free medical clinic, or medical mission. The clinic was a temporary structure set up on the property that we are claiming for a future school, orphange and mission headquarters. We were able to send over $3,000 to purchase supplies, medicines, food, and building materials for our structure. A local method of advertizing was implemented prior to our arriving to make the locals aware of what we were offering. This advertizement is interesting. They put a megaphone on the top of their car to announce down the streets.

Our team, a local church, and some local doctors all teamed up to make this possible.

Each local who came in had to register at an information table. They were offered counseling and prayer right away. Everyone needs someone to talk to sometimes. These people especially. They were homeless, infirm, and desparate. Some were old. Some were young. And some had children.

After counseling, they were led to our medical facility. Each went through a basic check up including height, weight, temp and blood pressure. Some of the children had never been to a doctor their whole lives due to lack of health insurance in the country.

Ashlee is giving this man much needed medical attention. I’m proud that she has come so far.

Children who have never had a check-up in their lives were finally able to see a physician.

El Salvador does not offer government assistance to her people. They are left to entirely fend for themselves for food, protection, and medical care. This eventually leads to citizens turning to violence and criminal activity out of desparation.

Members of our team were in charge of the preliminary check ups. My wife if a paramedic, and our pastor’s wife is an OB Nurse.

A team of volunteer doctors from the area finished the exams of each family, and offered medication when necessary free of charge. Though there were a few who arrived for the free check ups, we were still able to help those who truly needed medical attention. There were a couple in too bad of shape for our rigged free clinic to handle, and they had to be transferred to an emergent care facility.

This is a local nurse serving a mother and her baby. Food is so scarce that mothers rarely have the option of bottle feeding. Breastfeeding is a common sight.

When released from doctor care, each member of the participating families’ received clothing to size, and their children were given a toy.

This mother leaves with a smile having received medical care and enough clothing for her family.

Look at how happy he is with his new toy.

All of this was made possible by God, and by you. You supported the cause. You sent the team, and supplied the medicine with your giving. You came to fundraisers, bought shirts, donated, and shared the cause to other friends and family who did the same. You helped get the word out.

But we would like to do so much more. Our dream grows every year. As soon as we return home from this trip, we will begin planning for next year’s trip with bigger missions.

Please consider donating to the cause. We have GoFundMe in the side bar. You can share this blog post. You can share my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages with friends. Spread the word. And help the vision for El Salvador grow.

Please stay tuned for tomorrow’s post. The medical mission was only the beginning of what we are doing during our stay here in El Salvador.

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