The Mission to El Salvador: Feeding the Hungry

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The struggle in El Salvador is absolutely real. With government corruption, violence, and poverty, many citizens are just left without. El Salvador is truly a prime example of trouble in Paradise. The scenes are beautiful. Palm trees and tropical plants grow wild. Mountains and volcanoes are just on the horizen in every direction. However, the homes are left unkept by slumlords. Floors are made out of dirt. Basic household utilities are considered unneeded  by landlords.

With the help and contribution of supporters who believe in making the world a better place for their fellow man, Consumed International Ministries’ team of 17 as well as some local citizens were able to go into these neighborhoods, and provide food to over 100 families. We were able to enter their homes to talk with them; to hear their stories while being surrounded by their grotesque living conditions. We prayed with them, and gave them enough food to hold them over for a few weeks.

Along this part of our mission, we met a man bed-ridden in his home. He had sores on one side of his body due to lack of proper care. Being the only man in his home in a male dominant society, the family was in despair on how they would be able to continue on. The night before we came, he told us, he was praying that God would provide food. They had no more hope. Tears filled his eyes as he told us his story. With the food we handed him, he told us God had answered his prayer. Our medical staff was able to tend to a few of his basic needs, and we provided him with a double portion, and a few finances to help his family.

This trip, we were only able to visit a small area. We were unprepared for such a large need. We want to do more. With your help, we can do so much more. The group is already talking about our trip next year, and what you can do to be a big part.

Minimum wage in El Salvador is around $3 if you have a job, and less if you are just doing odds and ends.

For $5, you can provide a gift package that will feed a family for several weeks. We have set a goal for this year that we’d like you to help us reach. 1000 food packages. 1000 families provided for.

I am reaching out to all my readers. What can you do to help?

Please click on the link to go to my facebook, and send me a message there. I will provide you an address that you can send your help to. 100% of this fund goes toward providing for the 1000 families.

Thank you so much!

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