The Mission to El Salvador: Bringing Light Back to the Eyes of Children

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We have completed our third day in El Salvador! If you haven’t been following along, I’ll give you a moment to catch up.

The team met at our host church today for a Children’s service. The host church is named Voz De Salvacion (Voice of Salvation).

We put together a one day vacation Bible school with our pastor’s daughter at the helm. The team worked together fluidly to assist in everything that needed done.

With gang violence and poverty running wild in El Salvador, the kids suffer as well. The streets are not safe. They have to be concerned at every corner. They have a real reason to be afraid of the dark. They have to help their families earn a living from even a young age, and some are just not allowed to simply be a kid.

Consumed International Ministries, through your help, was able to give them a safe haven today if but for a moment. They laughed. They danced. They got to be young again.

The service started off with the children performing dances to songs they had learned. They acted out scenes in the songs, and ministered to our hearts maybe without even realising it. The dances offered them a moment to feel like they belonged and were appreciated.

This girl was stressed for a skit with a train. It was in Spanish, so I’m not exactly sure what it was about. But she was hilarious.

I’m not exactly sure why we had bunnies, but they were there with enthusiasm.

One of our translators followed the music with a Bible story. If ever there was a moment that you had to be there. This translator has a presence about her. You may not understand a word she is saying, but you want to listen. She adds energy and character to her work. It’s an indescribable passion. The kids could feel it as well. They were attentive and involved.

After learning, we allowed the kids to be themselves. Crafts were offered for their entertainment. Crowds gathered around the table to put together bracelets. Unlike back in the states, they wore their craft as a treasure. They truly appreciated that someone took a moment out of their day to notice them. Someone out there actually cared. We care. And you, our sponsors care.

Our pastor gets right down to their level. Whatever it takes.

Each child received a bag of candy and icecream. Live in the now. Be a kid, and don’t rush to grow up. The sugary goodness was there to remind them that. It’s okay to just be free sometimes. Let your burdens float away while you dive into a brain freeze.

You would not believe how good natural icecream tastes. Just ask this guy.

To finalize the program, the team was able to offer each child, teen, and parent a book bag with a few essentials in it. We weren’t able to offer much this trip. A folder, some colors, some pages, and a few odds and ends. That didn’t matter to those in attendance. They were overjoyed. People don’t usually offer them gifts. Usually something is expected from them instead. They are expected to work hard, and be a functioning member of the “family.” A gift, even as small as this, is absolutely precious to them.

Their smiles will forever burn bright in my heart.

You can help our program be even greater next year. Your financial gift can supply more supplies for the bookbags, rent us a larger space to host more children, and send us with more materials to accomplish more things with the children. Please consider donating to the GoFundMe account, or sending me a message on Facebook so that I can give you a mailing address for the church.

And be sure to share our journey with all your friends so that we can all be in prayer together.

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