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Selah in Heaven: Who Did It?

Where could all the candy have gone? Selah is joined with a friend who came to stay in Heaven with her two years ago as she talks to the head of security in Heaven, Michael the Archangel. Tune is next Friday to continue the epic saga of Selah in Heaven… Missed part 1? Click here.  

Selah in Heaven #1

As many of you know, ┬ámy daughter moved into eternity in 2012 at the age of 6 months old. She’s now 5, and we sometimes wonder what kind of mischief she gets herself into on the golden streets. And you can trust me. She DOES get into mischief with what kind of genes she has in her system. Below is a peak into what we think about when we imagine her now. Look back next Friday to see what more she has gotten herself into!