Selah in Heaven – Thanksgiving Dinner with the Family

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Holidays are a struggle for anyone who has experienced the passing of a loved one. There comes a feeling of the joy that holidays to the household followed by almost immediate guilt over allowing ourselves to be happy without our loved one present. It’s hard for us to remember the “in a better place” concept. We know it. We just don’t feel it. We get tired of people telling it to us. This is because we are selfish beings. Yeah, they may be in a better place during this holiday season, but they’re not with us. This selfishness is not going to go away. Ever. But we learn to carry it a little better with each holiday season passing. My wife and I fought through the past 4 seasons. We just let them float on by. She would find herself either locked inside her mind in another world, or separated from the world all together by staying in bed. Little by little though, we shove our selfishness down to be happy for our daughter. She’s having the time of her life. And as time goes on, she is joined with friends and loved ones to keep her company. And to top it off, she gets to spend the holidays with the one who made the holidays possible.

I just feel sorry for all the poor folks to have to eat fish this year….

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