Selah in Heaven – Holes in the Floor of Heaven

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I apologize that I haven’t posted a new edition in the last couple of weeks. I have had this one drawn up for quite some time; however, the topic at hand is very sensitive.

You see, I am a firm believer that when we pass on to the other side, we still exist. The “is” doesn’t turn into a “was”. “Would have been,” should not become part of our vocabulary. We don’t say, “Selah would have been 5 years old this year.” My daughter still exists. She IS 5 years old this year. Just because she’s not here with us doesn’t mean she’s not somewhere.

I understand that it’s no consolation to hear, “They are in a better place.” We don’t cry because they passed. We cry because we miss them. We cry because we know all the memories we were still yet to make together cannot be made until we are able to make it to the other side ourselves. Trust me. We fully know of the better place. We fully know of the pain free life they are holding.

But we’re humans. We’re selfish. We are cruel. We want them to live their natural lives with us instead of their pain free lives elsewhere. It’s hard for those who have not walked this path to understand it, but it’s the reality. Mothers and Fathers are selfish beings. How dare our children pass on into paradise before us. They’re supposed to be over here taking care of us. They’re supposed to be making memories with us. They’re supposed to be seeing us cross over the River Jordan. We are supposed to be getting a room ready for them in our mansion over the hilltop. We are supposed to be the ones waiting at the gates with a smile to welcome them home.

Here we are in a special group of people who have our lives completely thrown upside down. We are the people who have children preparing a room for us.

So yes, my friend’s son and my daughter are probably gallivanting all over Heaven seeing the wonders and beauties. They’re probably eating up all the good candy leaving us behind the tootsie rolls and that little toffee thing no kid wants.

I know there aren’t really holes in the floor of Heaven, but I’d like to think our kids are up there putting together the biggest welcome party waiting for the day we get to join them again.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I can’t even begin to understand the pain of losing a child. Every parent’s worst nightmare and I hope you give others comfort through your writing.

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