Selah in Heaven: First Day of School

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Dear Mom,

I miss you.

I started my first day of school today.

My teacher is Mr Gabriel. He plays a harp, and it sounds like he’s using a megaphone when he talks.

What does “thus” mean?

I just wanted you to know they’re taking care of me here. The big guy takes a lot of pictures, and glued this stinking bow to my head.

My uncle gives me an oreo every day for breakfast.

I don’t know why. Something about a deal that was made when I moved here.

I’m learning so much. I can even write my name!

I can’t wait to show you all my pictures when you visit.

Love your favoritest daughter,


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  1. So sweet and touching.. it came from our kid who just got herself in her first day of school. With the letter, she showed how much it made her day!

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