O.J. Simpson : Getting What He Deserves

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So far in my blogging career, this is a first for me. I’m not that big on current events. Having a large family keeps me pretty focused on my own little world. There’s not time for much else. My current event is who smeared the chocolate pudding on my bathroom wall. At least I hope it’s chocolate pudding. *Shudder*

My blog is about chaos. Sometimes it’s funny chaos, and sometimes it’s serious chaos. But it’s not only about my chaos. There’s chaos in the world as well. *Shock*

Chaos broke out when OJ Simpson was brought before his parole board. They set the date for his release, and all was right in the world. Doves were released, and a choir broke out in Kumbaya. Maybe I’ve got that a little mixed up. Okay. Back from fantasy world. People around the U.S. were up in arms spitting out hatred and animosity. They’re calling for his crucifixion so to speak. They are wanting him to get what he deserves. I think I even read some clown out there that wanted to put a pie in his face. It was awful.

The crowds gather for a crucifixion every time there is a criminal in the news. It doesn’t matter how small or large the infraction, or even if the court has found the suspect guilt yet. The crowds gather. The hatred rises. We hope they get what they deserve.

This is what happens when someone steals the last cookie. Crucify him!

I pose a few questions. Who are we to judge what they deserve? Do you want what you deserve?

You may be sitting behind your computer screen, or in your bed on a cell phone reading this right now thinking, “At least I haven’t killed someone. I wasn’t part of a robbery. I have never even had a run in with the police.”

You aren’t innocent.

Society has given levels and stages to wrong actions.

Every action you make affects those around you. An out of turn word can crush a person for years. Refusing to help could leave someone in ruins. So yeah, you may not have criminally killed someone, but often times it’s easy to kill someone on the inside with our words and actions.

Is killing someone on the inside better than murder? Is lying to keep yourself from getting in trouble with authority better than lying to your spouse? Is your gambling addiction better than someone with a drug addiction? Is it okay to rip off that “DO NOT REMOVE” tag from your mattress?

Removing that tag makes you a serious rebel.

Everybody has something, or has done something in their lives.

Do you want what you deserve for that?

I know I don’t. I’ve said some careless things in my day. I’ve done plenty I shouldn’t have. I just wasn’t caught. Speaking of which. Mom. I’m sorry for putting the slice of cheese in your sandwich with the wrapper still attached when I was a pre-teen. I shouldn’t have done that.

Maybe all this animosity is why this world is spiraling the way it is. We all have a chip on our shoulder. We’re all just waiting for everyone to get what’s coming to them. Maybe, just maybe, we should try to approach life with a more forgiving attitude. I don’t mean leave justice undone. We have laws for a reason. We just need to quit confusing justice for revenge. Justice is used as a correction when someone does wrong so they can improve themselves. Prisons are called correctional facilities for a reason. We spank a child’s hand so they can begin to realize right and wrong.

Everyone is hurting. Everyone has done wrong. We could all use a little more love to sooth the wounds.

O.J., I honestly don’t know you. I haven’t been following your story. I don’t know whether you are guilty or not. If you are, I honestly cannot judge whether or not you have changed. What I can do is pray for an intervention for you; that your life, no matter the past, can be used to change the future for the better. Might I suggest opening an Icecream shop near me? It’s really hot, and I could use some mint chip.

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9 Responses

  1. Jiya B says:

    I loved reading the post. You rightly said Everyone is hurting. Everyone has done wrong. We could all use a little more love to sooth the wounds. If we will not lt the things go and everyone will do same we will just end up living in war zone.

  2. Great post! You definitely went a bit out of your element, but still some great points. Nobody is perfect!

  3. Shell says:

    True no one is perfect… Although I have to say I was at Target the other day and OJ was flashing across the screen and I felt like I was in a time warp LOL because I was at a Sears back in the day when the infamous chase flashed across all those Tvs…

  4. Oh man, I’m glad that every mistake I’ve made hasn’t gotten the consequences it deserved…although, to be fair, I feel like I’ve learned from my mistakes without the need for “punishment.” I hope OJ is able to get himself on a better path this round, for everyone’s sake!

  5. You suggested this took you outside your comfort zone. I wouldn’t have known it had you not mentioned it. Excellent post!

  6. Nicole says:

    It is actually okay to remove the tag on the mattress after you buy it lol. Retailers just can’t remove it. Anyways, so many good things to consider in this post.

  7. jack says:

    Ⅾaddy wins!? The twins declared.

  8. Arnold says:

    Hi there, I log on to your blog daily. Your humoristic style is witty, keep
    up the good work!

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