Lazy Day Blues – 300 Days of Writing Prompts – Day One

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Fall is beginning to settle in the air. I know some of you lucky people are still hanging on to dear life for your warm weather. However, where I’m from, we don’t leave the house without a coat already. They’re calling for snow, and it’s a whole month before Thanksgiving still. This is ridiculous.

On days like this, my home becomes my sanctuary.

As a nerd, I find these moments to catch up on all my nerdy things.


I love my comic book heroes. Many of you may already know, and if you don’t, you live in the dark ages, that DC Comics has placed several of their heroes on the television is series format. Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. I follow these series like they are a soap opera. I have to admit, I may be a bit of a couch potato. On the bright side, I usually do my catching up during my night time hours as to not interfere with my very busy day time hours. But we are talking about a lazy day here. On a lazy day, I might catch up faster than I should.

Self Education

One has to be a nerd to spend hours studying for the purpose of study alone. That’s exactly what I do. You can find me reading articles, and researching different topics for no reason except that a question popped into my mind randomly. I may not be Jeapordy worthy, but in my family, I am the king of stupid facts. If they want to know something, the call me because I will find it for them. They don’t like to research. They’re normal humans. I think I might have been adopted.


I’m a weird sort of person. As a self employed photographer/blog writer, I feel as though lazy time is work time. When I’m stuck in home with no kids around, you may find me doing something like I am right now. I am sitting in front of the computer answering a question from a book I found titled 300 Writing Prompts. I’m doing this just for the fun of it. I may also be on social media trying to round up photo sessions to make some more side cash. This is all lazy work compared to when my children come home after school. That moment is when the real work day begins. You can find our photography on our Facebook Page!


I’m a creative sort of individual. I’m not good at expressing it, but I like to do it anyway. I purchased a sketch book just in case I ever get the urge. With ADHD, nothing ever gets done unless there’s a sudden urge. That’s why my lazy day list is so long. I doodle cartoons mostly. Occasionally, I’ll have an idea to draw something a little more realistic, but again, I have ADHD. This means, the longer it takes to finish, the more chance it may not get finished.

Movie Night

Eventually, my kids will come home, and crash my lazy day. For this purpose, we always keep the newest movie on hand. If I’m not ready for my lazy day to be over, we pop that in to our X-Box (glorified Roku Box), and begin our adventure in relaxing together. Sometimes, the movies fail me, and lose their attention. Hollywood gets nasty letters from me complaining that they ruined my lazy day.

As a man with ADHD, my lazy day may not seem so lazy to everyone out there. I know many of you just go on a Netflix binge, or take a few hours of a nap. My mind doesn’t work that way. It’s always running, always stressed, and always needing me on the move. This is the only way I know how to be lazy, and I like it that way.
Tell me about your lazy day habits. Do you do anything creative, or different than others might expect? Let me know in the comments!

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