Is That You, Mr. Claus? – Selah in Heaven

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Christmas is coming soon! From the time this is being written, we have 10 days left. I wonder if St Nicholas knew that his work here on earth would lead to the formation of our modern day Santa Claus. I’m thankful for all the great things he did, but I am even more thankful for the spark of imagination he has struck in the minds of children everywhere. Selah may not get to celebrate with us; however, she can meet the man who started it all for herself.

Speaking of Christmas, ***Affiliate Links to Follow***

I was given a great opportunity by a pretty cool affiliate to help increase the imagination of my children. There’s this program called Package from Santa. They have the works. Your child is given a customized letter, phone call, and video message from Santa himself as well as autographed images. I could review this completely for you, but I have a better idea. I’ll show you what it made happen.

My youngest daughter has been having issues with her attitude lately. There was an option on the personalized letter to choose that your child has been naughty. This video is the result.

My little girl instantly became the most polite thing there is. She made sure to use all her Please’s and Thank you’s. Lots of hugs were dished out. And then we saw Santa later that day walking in our historic district. She approached him, and apologized for her behavior. On her way back to us, she had a smirk on her face. “I’m on the nice list again.”

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