I Will Never Forget – Remember Those Who Have Passed On

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The mind of a bereaved parent doesn’t function the same as everyone around you. We hold tight to our child. Our child exists. Even now, our child holds a special place in our heart. Though the would may scar over, it will always be tender. It will always be easy to tear back open. Decades down the line, there will be moments of fresh hurt, of fresh longing, of reliving the moment.

Our child passed away at a very young age. She was six months old when she transitioned into Heaven to be with the ultimate father. We weren’t allotted much time with her.

At the anniversary of her passing, a great struggle began to happen. We lost something. It’s something a lot of people couldn’t understand. We lost the ability to say, “This time last year…” At that moment, there would never be a “this time last year” again. And my wife began to realize something that broke her heart. Any story we tell about her from then on out would be a rerun. We have no more stories, no more memories.

She became afraid.

Would people begin to forget that our precious girl existed? Will we forget?

This is my little girl. 🙂

We promised ourselves that we wouldn’t allow anyone to forget. To take it a step even further, we would remember the lives of others who have passed on as well so that their parents, their siblings, and their friends would realize that those people meant something to this world. Our biggest fear was that our daughter would be forgotten. If I have that fear, there must be others out there with the same fear.

If this is a fear you share with me, or you’ve had a love one pass on, I want you to know, they will never be forgotten. They meant something. They still mean something.

If you know someone who has gone through this heartbreak, reach out to them. They may not show it on the outside, but they want someone to speak their name. They want someone to remember. Don’t offer them advice. Simply remember. Share good memories once in a while. Give them a token as a reminder, or to let them know you care.

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It’s my wife and I’s passion to reach out to people so that they know they aren’t alone. She is the comforting type, while I like to make people laugh. We take different approaches, but we seek the same goal. We don’t like to see people in despair.

We recently discovered a company called A Wish for You. Okay. I’m not going to lie. They reached out to us on Twitter, and offered us an affiliate pitch. They didn’t offer us money or free merchandise for ourselves. They simply gave us the opportunity to utilize their site for it’s purpose free of charge one time.

A Wish for You was put together on a premise that they wanted to be able to share a caring thought with those we love. They have put together options for Wish packages that come with a token of appreciation, a personalized card, and gift wrapping. Whatever your choice for whatever your reason is beautifully packaged together and wrapped to show your loved one that you sincerely put some thought into the moment you wanted to share with them.

Though they have a wide variety of options and reasons to send a wish, we didn’t want to do this to just do it. Our minds automatically went back to our passion.

I gave the lady who reached out to us my return pitch. I found out that the marketing manager from A Wish for You shares the same heart as my wife and I.

After scrolling through their catalog, something stuck out to me. It wasn’t the most glamorous, or the most expensive item on the page like most people who are given the “free” option would go after. It was the most meaningful. It was a simple candle that had a hand-painted flower on the front. The title was “Forget-Me-Nots.”

We fell in love. This token struck a chord with us. It’s what we are all about. We won’t forget. We remember your loved one. We remember our Selah. You are not alone.

We chose this token, and personalized our card message. All that was left was the wait.

Less than a week later, we received a message on our phone. It was a heart felt thank you. We could feel the smile on her face.  I wasn’t there to watch her open it. I didn’t want to intrude on the moment. I just knew that she had an extremely long day at work. I knew that I had received an email saying that my wish was delivered. And I knew that I was excited for her to get home. All she had to do was hold on for just a moment longer, and she would know that someone out there was thinking about her. Someone out there remembered her loved one. And someone just wanted her to smile.

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