I Try to Raise My Kids to Be the Best They Can Be – 300 Days of Writing Prompts Day 2

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Have you ever spoken up when you saw something going on that was wrong? Were you scared? What ended up happening?

As an introvert, I live a pretty sheltered lifestyle. I don’t see much of anything as far as the social part of life goes. What I do is usually on social media. There’s absolutely no reason to state your opinion there because it usually ends with you making a fool out of yourself, and no opinions changing.

Most of my experience in standing up for what is right is with my children and for my children.

Children can be little devils sometimes. No one’s child is exempt from it. The most loving child can turn into a bully. It is our job to make sure that is not a lifelong career.

I listen to the conversations of my kids frequently, and am in communication with their teachers on almost a daily basis. I believe it is important to be active in your child’s life. Many schools believe the same as well. We’ve had success with it thus far, and our oldest has made it to Middle School with us meddling.

There has been times when we have overheard our kids talking about another child in the back of our vehicle. They were just having idle conversation, but the words still aren’t the nicest. They typically wouldn’t say these things to the subject matter, but that doesn’t change the fact that the words were put out there. Words come from the heart. They are said for a reason.

My wife and I will put a halt to the conversation immediately.

Depending on the subject, we will discuss with them that some children don’t have the same upbringing as them. A parent may not be in the picture, finances may be scarce, or there may not be someone willing to love them or teach them the value of morality.

Anytime this happens, the child who said the mean words must write a letter to the subject saying something nice, apologizing for any wrong doing, and inviting them to their next birthday party. This is required. Afterwards, we challenge them. Be extra nice to the subject. Try your hardest to be their friend. Be there to help fill in some of the gaps in their life. Love gaps. Moral gaps. If the person struggles financially, we try to come up with a way to help out.

My daughter gave up some of her clothing money to purchase new clothes for a girl in school who was really struggling. This girl had been a bully to her. We overheard our daughter say that she’s mean, and always looks like a boy anyway. A letter was written. A birthday party was attended. Clothes were bought. Their relationship has since greatly changed. They’re good friends now. And the girl was proud of what she wore for the rest of the year.

I personally may not have ran into many things to become righteously indignant over, but that doesn’t mean my kids won’t in the future. We try our hardest to prepare them for that. We teach a strong moral compass. We are growing roots together in our faith.

And the rewards for this are showing. We struggle with my son’s attitude a lot of home. He’s beginning his teenage walk. But I received a text message from someone saying how proud they were of him. That he is very moral. He seeks to help others. He tries hard to not hurt people physically or emotionally. He cares.

I feel like we may be doing something right. We’ll see when teenage hits full swing.


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