Friends that Transcend Space and Time

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Life is short, volatile,  and unpredictable.  Sometimes it goes to heights unimaginable.  Other times, it crashes into the darkest depths. Then, when we least expect it, it just disappears.

No one can prepare for that moment truly. Even with signs and warnings, you think, maybe just one more day?

Today, we will be saying farewell to a dear friend of mine.

After fighting the hard fight, and winning many battles,  the war with cancer is claiming another beautiful light in this world.

Personally,  this warrior is one of the main reasons I continued to write my articles sitting himself as my number one friend. I’d write my funny stories just to keep him distracted while in the hospital, or bring up a controversial subject just to keep his mind focused.

I remember meeting him for the first time as a new blogger. He offered all the best advice, and became my very first follower. We hit it off, and became instant friends with a feeling that we’ve known each other forever.

After he got me hooked, he introduced me to his blog. It was there that I discovered that he was fighting the enemy within. I have to be honest, my mind is a dark depraved place. “Great, my wife tells me to make new friends, and I find the one that’s going to die on me.” He’d appreciate that humor, while the rest of you sit in shock.

We continued to stay in contact while he grew ever worse, then better, to worse again.

Then one day, it wasn’t him anymore updating the crowd on his condition.  The fight took him to the final battleground.

You did good my friend.  You rebelled against the odds stacked contrary to your favor, and stole much more life than the reaper wanted you to have.  At the same time,  you gave life to so many more you came in contact with.

I’ll continue to write,  and trudge on even when things feel hopeless, because that’s something he taught me. There are still laughs to be had in the darkest hours. There are still a few more precious memories to squeeze out of life.

You’ll never be forgotten Raine.

PS: You never did share some poutine.  Be sure to have me a plate ready when I cross over.

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