Fat Man Vs. Scale: Who Will Arise the Victor? – My 300lb Life

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I had an extremely discouraging week this week. It ended on a good note, but there for about four days I felt like just throwing in the towel.

You see, the scale decided to challenge me. It thought it would play a dirty little joke to get my blood boiling.

Four days in a row, no matter how hard I worked and how much I watched my food intake, it read 326lbs.

I got the better of it though. Today, I weighed in at 317.2lbs! Take that! In your face you little faced piece of bouncy floor!…… I better not get too excited. It might decide to be mean to me again next week.

I’m a firm advocate for weighing yourself daily. I know many people don’t like that idea, but once you get the groove of how your body works, it is actually beneficial and a little encouraging.

I understand that the human body has weight fluctuations. There are things like water retention, full bowels, and clothing changes that factor into it. Occasionally the scale will say you gained 5lbs only to drop it by 10 at the end of the week. It happens.

But weighing yourself daily helps you to understand those factors. Weighing yourself everyday and plotting that number on a chart establishes a losing trend. The first week is pretty discouraging, but you begin to see the pattern. After a few months, that pattern becomes even more prevalent. I personally use the Samsung Health app to chart. There is a definite downward slope in my weight loss over the past two months even with all the discouraging days accounted for.

Now, don’t depend only on your scale. As noted above, sometimes it will make you want to throw it across the room and bring down fiery fury with a DIY flamethrower. (I’m sure you could find out how to do that somewhere on YouTube… People are insane.. In a good way?) There are two other recommendations I have to go along with the scale usage.

  1. Take digital images

    Once a week, take a front view and side view photo of yourself. When you first start this, you will feel miserable because you’ll be forced to see the condition that you are in. I can say that because I felt miserable. I still do because my picture just won’t change! I personally cannot tell the difference in my before and after photos. My wife, however, says there’s a clear difference. I’m waiting for the day when I can. That’ll be when I throw a party. Just hopefully I don’t gain it all back during said party. Doing a front AND a side is deeply important. You can’t guarantee exactly the fat will be melting from. If you do only the front, and your belly is flattening, you won’t notice a difference in the photo. Contrary, if you do only a side, and your love handles are flattening, the difference will be negligible.

  2. Buy a tape measure from the fabric department

    If you are feeling extra discouraged because for three weeks now the scale hasn’t changed, this will create a confidence boost. Measure the widest part of your stomach, and chart it. Do this every week. My scale slowed down, and I almost got discouraged until the tape measure showed me I was an inch smaller than the week before. Everything else had failed me. I was brought to the brink of a temper tantrum, but good ol’ Tapey came through for me.

If you aren’t showing weight loss by the fourth week of your journey, your pictures are looking the same, and the tape measure just won’t give you good news, then it is time for you to re-evaluate your journey. Are you eating too many calories? Is your exercise program extensive enough? What tweaks can you make to your lifestyle to actually make your journey come to fruition?


Time for your update.

Starting Weight: 352 Pounds
Current Weight: 317.2 Pounds
Lost: 34.8 Pounds
Starting Inches: 60 inches (I started measuring late)
Current Inches: 58 inches (Trending an inch a week)

Overall Goal: 100 Pound Loss = 250 Pounds

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