Dear Past Self – A Message from the Future – 300 Days of Writing Prompts – Day 4

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Write a diary entry dated 10 years into the future.


November 2nd 2027




Dear Diary,

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why I’m a grown man, going gray, sitting here writing in my daughter’s pink diary she left behind. I guess I’m just sort of sad that all my children grew up on me. They all have their own lives. My oldest is even getting married next spring. Glad he waited until after college. I’m proud of the responsible man he has become as compared to the reckless youth he was before. Sure, he may not have stayed in to become a doctor, but an Bachelor’s degree is more than I had.

My oldest daughter is in college right now. She chose to go to an out of town one though. Something about wanting to explore the world.

I still have my youngest two at home. Hormones are running wild with them being teenagers. They are well mannered compared to what I’ve seen out of others, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t crazy to me compared to the sweet smiles I was used to.

Soon, they will leave the roost too. That’ll leave my wife and I alone in this 5 bedroom house. Maybe we’ll turn it into a party pad? Nah. Don’t think my back could handle all of that.
They say 40 isn’t old, but they didn’t raise four children.

I’m proud of how all of them are turning out. We had a couple of questionable moments, but my wife and I just prayed our way through them. A bit of discipline didn’t hurt either.

So, we are soon to enter a new chapter into our lives. The parenting little ones is coming to a close. In a few years we’ll be entering the time where we can simply be friends with our kids, and spoil our grandkids rotten…… At least I hope he waits a few years. I’m not ready just yet. Slow down boy. Wait until I have liver spots or something.

The quiet takes some adjustment. With the youngers always off at a friends house and the olders out of home.. I understand why my grandparents always had wheel of fortune playing or something. I’m a weird old person. I have alien and super hero shows playing all day. I’m watching reruns of Stranger Things season 5 right now. Too bad they didn’t go any further with it.

Everything has to come to an end I guess. Good TV. Life.

But it was an awesome ride.

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