Conquering Fear with Love

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As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.” ~Marianne Williamson

In my 28 years of life I have come to realize many important (and not so important) things. For example, I have never really been one to get huge amounts of satisfaction from spending my days at home. I mean occasionally I hermit, but for the most part I want to work.

Don’t judge me. Working is fun! I’m not crazy!

I admire those who stay at home and love every minute of it. I have some serious respect for them; however, I wanted to have a career.

In deciding to pursue a career in Para-medicine when my children were very young, I received some serious backlash. I felt so guilty at times not being there for milestones, games, etc… Yet I knew it’s what I was called to do. I continued on. I pressed beyond the naysayers and I did it.

There were struggles, hurdles, even seasons of brokenness.

Yet, in this season, I came to one of the most profound realizations. You see, I was telling my children to be confident, to have faith in their decisions, and to not let others affect how they think of themselves when I was guilty of doing the opposite.

I was not confident. I did not have much faith in my decisions. I let others affect how I thought about myself. I feared that I would not be a great mother. I feared my kids would resent me; that I would lose my husband and my home.

Fear consumed me. Though I never spoke it, my insecurities were clear in my behavior. I wasn’t happy when life had handed me everything to be happy about. I wasn’t present; at least not continually. The light set so deep within my soul was merely a flicker because I was choosing fear.

I needed to learn to choose love.

To choose happiness.

I found a beautiful lady who knew how to love well. She spoke softly, but when she spoke, I listened. She showed me what love is. She invited me to join her in her journey, along with some very brave, beautiful women.  I did. It has been the greatest decision I have made.

I began to see patterns of fear, hatred, and I worked changed them. I began to speak life, love over these things. Including myself. Oh, was that hard – Loving myself, affirming that I am worth it.

I began to speak it.






We are all the stars of our own life. Though our “shows” or “seasons” may be different, we are not really different at all. We all crave the same thing – Love and Acceptance. We just have to learn to stop looking for these things in others, and begin to find it in ourselves. Once we figure that out, everything falls into place. We have to choose love for ourselves – for our team.

Just wanting to get my name on one of these.

The teams that win are always the ones who have trained, who are focused on their goals, and not on validation from the crowd. They are the team that has followers. Why? Because it is these people that the world is attracted to. They bring success to everything they touch. Why? Because they have chosen love — love for themselves and love for their team. Then this spills over into their daily lives.

We can all do this. We have to recognize when fear is present in our lives and practice replacing it with love until it no longer requires practice.


It is then that others see our true light and can be guided by it.

It is then that we feel truly happy.

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  1. Emily says:

    You said exactly what I needed to hear today!!! ❤️

  2. Emily says:

    You said exactly what I needed to hear today. ❤️

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