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Selah in Heaven : Welcome Committee

A dear friend of ours had her oldest son pass on into eternity this week to unforeseen circumstances. Our hearts are broken with her, but we are reminded that our loved ones are not lost....


Selah in Heaven : Making Memories

When our daughter passed away,  we sat down, and had a heart to heart with God. We have Him three rules.  He took our daughter home before we got to make memories with her....


Selah in Heaven: That’s His Number

I imagine that my daughter is pretty stubborn in school. Mr. Gabriel probably ha’s his hands full because my children always believe they are right even when they’re the furthest from it.


Selah in Heaven : Her First Gold Star

From what we know of Selah when she was here on Earth is that she was very mischievous and stubborn. She loved making noise, and drawing attention to herself. I can’t imagine that would...


Selah in Heaven: But I’m Cute

How can you deny the facts? Whenever a kid does something mischievous with a smile, it’s hard not to see the cuteness behind it. I say it’s a self defense mechanism.