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A Bit Tied Up at the Moment – Selah in Heaven

If my daughter is anything like the rest of us, the first time trying things usually ends up in a story to tell. Just ask my wife how all her Pinterest ideas turn out. That’s right. They don’t. So, I’m not saying she’s not ever going to be able to jump rope. She just needs a little practice is all.

Even Heaven Knows How Bad the Vikings Screwed Up – Selah in Heaven

What if our loved ones can see us everyday? What if we are still their heroes? Biblically, I know that those who have passed really can’t look down on us, but that doesn’t change the fact that I want them to be proud of me. I have a Grandmother who taught me what family is. I have an Uncle who taught me the power of God. And I have Selah who I’d still like to make an impression on, to be a father to her in some way.

Can You Get Grounded in Heaven? – Selah in Heaven

Her short life here on earth was a very vocal one. Already at 6 months of age, she had developed her opinion, and began to show her prissy nature. If you walked by her without acknowledging her royal highness’ existence, she would literally yell at you. Once you looked, the biggest smile would spread across her face. I believe that God may have His hands full with this one.

New Friend – Selah in Heaven

What are the chances? Our loved ones exploring Heaven, and bumping into the loved one of our friends down here on earth. Would they hit it off? Surely. My friend over at Drop in the Bucket has a loved one who has gone before. I like to think that maybe my daughter and his are hitting it off as we speak. Especially over their love of bows.