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I Will Never Forget – Remember Those Who Have Passed On

The mind of a bereaved parent doesn’t function the same as everyone around you. We hold tight to our child. Our child exists. Even now, our child holds a special place in our heart. Though the would may scar over, it will always be tender. It will always be easy to tear back open. Decades down the line, there will be moments of fresh hurt, of fresh longing, of reliving the moment. Our child passed away at a very young age. She was six months old when she transitioned into Heaven to be with the ultimate father. We weren’t allotted much time with her. At the anniversary of her passing, a great struggle began to happen. We lost something. It’s something a lot of people couldn’t understand. We lost the ability to say, “This time last year…” At that moment, there would never be a “this time last year” again. And my wife began to realize something that broke her heart. Any story we tell about her from then on out would be a rerun. We have no more stories, no more memories. She became afraid. Would people begin to forget that our precious girl existed? Will we forget? We...

A Few Steps to Inspire Creativity and Imagination in Your Children

Growing up in today’s hustle and bustle, it is very easy to raise children who lack in creativity and imagination. They have technology to dive into, social media to keep up with, and video games/TV with an already built fantasy for them. This lack of imagination can hurt their social lives, their school work, and even their career choices in the future. Many of these things require critical thinking abilities which stems from being able to be creative. But it’s not too late to start helping them to develop! Don’t despair! There are a few things you can do right now to begin to get their mind functioning again! Unplug Don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those anti-technology junkies. I mean, I’m obviously using a computer right now. Even further, I’m a straight techie nerd who loves his video games. However, there comes a point where you have to prevent it from completely consuming you. Social media can swallow you whole. Video games now aren’t like the arcade games of old. They have to be played weeks on end to get anywhere. Developers go through hoops to get you attached. Netflix has opened the world up to binge...

HICKIES – No Tie Elastic Shoelaces

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Some Gift Ideas for Your Girls!

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