My Therapy – 300 Days of Writing Prompts – Day 3

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What is your favorite work of art? What do you love about it?

Ever since my daughter passed away, my wife and I began to tell stories to each other about what we think she would have been like here on Earth. We would wonder what she was doing in Heaven; the people she’d meet, the places she’d go, and the wonders she would see. Her adventures, in our version, would always end in some sort of disaster.

I mean, even though we only had her for 6 months, we could already tell what kind of personality she was beginning to develop.

My favorite expression of art would have to be my Selah in Heaven comics that I have drawn for this page in the past, and am still drawing in my sketch book.

I am aware that my sketches aren’t the most detailed. They won’t win any awards. They won’t even be hung on any walls. But they are deeply precious to me.

The Selah in Heaven comic is drawn for selfish reasons. It’s therapeutic. It helps me cope with my daughter’s passing while at the same time realize that she still exists. Knowing that she is terrorizing Heaven gives me a little comfort.

You see, when she passed, we were extremely mad at God.

But through these stories, and these pieces, I can feel like we’re getting a little revenge.

As a complete side effect of my sketches, others are getting blessed as well. You, the reader, can get comfort for your own loved one who has passed on. I can maybe share a smile with you. I can place some loved ones into my comic to meet Selah.

My comics have made it so I can maybe make a little difference in someone else’s life. It’s the little things we do that makes the world a better place. Not all of us can build homeless shelters.

Not all of us can save lives by becoming good rescue heroes. But all of us can do something small one day at a time.

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