5 Things That Really Stress Out Mom and Dad

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Okay y’all. Let’s just get honest for a minute. Being a mom is hard. Being a dad is hard. Heck parenting is hard, and with that comes huge stressors. I mean seriously, we’re responsible for making these tiny humans productive members of society. That is simply not an easy task. We are sleep deprived, overworked, underpaid. We are taxis, maids, nurturers, and doctors. We negotiate with tiny terrorists and rarely get the better end of the deal. We are the unsung heroes of the world, and our stress level can reach overwhelming heights.

So let’s talk about what makes us absolutely crazy as parents and some ideas I have on how to survive these trying obstacles.

1. When your children cry for absolutely no reason

Look ya’ll, I won’t even lie, when my children start screaming like crazy people for no reason it makes ME want to cry. They literally want nothing except to cry, and watch you search for an answer. It’s almost like it brings them some Joy. Now I know obviously it doesn’t, but there are times I feel it does. It’s like, “Hey! Let’s play a game. Scream until Mommy cries!”

My youngest daughter used to throw fits just to be seen. If we walked into a new room, she would stop her fit, place her self on the floor in front of us, and begin again.

Again, I won’t lie. I have genuinely cried at times, but as time has gone on I have gotten a little smarter. Now I’ll just walk away. You want to cry, cry. If you are not hungry, you are not thirsty, you are not sick, you are clean, and you are not bleeding, there is no reason for me to entertain your ridiculousness. They eventually tire out, and go to sleep, or get bored.

2. When kids do not appreciate things

This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves. Ungrateful children make for very grumpy parents. Now mind you, we all have that child, you know the one, someone gives them a present and before you can get to them, they’ve said something along the lines of, “That’s ugly..” or, “I don’t like that..” You apologize profusely, explain that you’ve told your child repetitively to be kind, or perhaps pretend like they’ve never said something like that before. Either way, once in every parents life, they have moments like this.

Then there’s those children who ask for a new something at every store they go. If you visit 3 stores, they want three new things. It’s never enough. They want. They take. They siphon everything out of you that they can. I have personally met children in foreign countries who will hold tight to a stuffed bear for years, but our Americanized children start begging for Iphones at the age of 4, and want the newest edition of everything as soon as it comes out.

Now I wish I could break out some amazing cure for this; however, all I can tell you is to keep telling them to be kind. As they get older, they’ll find a filter. Hopefully. And these moments will become less. Until then “sorry” will be a common word you use.

3.  When they ask questions you can’t answer over and over again

We have an 8 year old, Elijah, who is special needs. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s amazing. He has grown so much over the last couple of years. One thing though that has not changed is his ability to ask questions. That boy can ask the same question 80 times. Now when you’ve answered accordingly 79 times, he still going to ask the 80th.

“Because Elijah, that’s just the way it is!”
“It just is..”
“But why?!”

I mean seriously you have to applaud this kid for his resilience. But for me, it makes me insane. I am genuinely impressed that my head hasn’t actually exploded.

Someday, I will compile a list of questions he has asked throughout the day, and post it on our Facebook page so you can get a good look into our world. You’ll laugh while we cry.

4. When puberty begins

Puberty is a very dangerous, nasty word. Most people associate it with pimples and other physical changes. Oh, but it is so much more than that. We had always dismissed more experienced parents wondering what could be worse than childhood years. Apparently, they undergo a massive metamorphosis that transforms male and female alike into an emotional Incredible Hulk who leans toward Emo tendencies.

Let me tell you right now with two children going through it at the same, time it’s terrible. I’m fairly certain they’re both bipolar. I mean, is it even possible to cry every time somebody says something to you? Or want to punch everyone at the same time because you thought they were being mean? For my children it is.

For example, during a softball game, I mentioned that our team was being trampled by the older team. It was just a factual statement not meant to be offensive. It was an observation. My daughter overheard me. Instant tears. “We’re trying our best mom! We can’t be perfect!” She stormed off.

They are so dramatic. Every pimple is a mountain. Every new hair that sprouts needs to be shown. (Some, you don’t want to see, and others you’re certain are imaginary.) They’re no longer just kids. They pick up on all of your innuendos and jokes you probably shouldn’t tell in front of children. They repeat those same things. They argue with you about everything. You’re wrong. You’ll always be wrong, and as long as you accept that right now, puberty will be a breeze.

I will tell you a cure once we survive.

5. Sibling rivalry
This one was last because it’s the never ending circle of hell. If I have to sit through one more car ride of “She’s touching me..” “He’s looking at me..” I might actually lose my mind. I thought it was a joke when people would say these things about having kids. Do you know, I’ve literally heard these words come out of my children’s mouths?! When you separate them, they’ll find a way. Behind each other leads to seat kicking. A seat in between leads to them throwing things. There’s no give. I might try tying one to the roof.

Car rides are not the only issue with sibling rivalry. They suck, but they are just the beginning. Kids will find anything to fight over. Who has more toys, who got the most Christmas presents 2 years ago, who got the most money for their first tooth. I mean who even remembers that?! There are real issues in the world, and these are the ones my kids fight over. We’ve even had a Knock-down drag-out fight over a car that none of them are ever going to get. “I call that!” Has been banned from our house.
There is one benefit to it however. I don’t have to set a morning alarm anymore. My children have my back. Every single morning  for the last few years we have been woken to one screaming the other’s name, and the other screaming right back. But they never have to ask why we woke up in a bad mood.
Stress is a real part of parenting. It never goes away. It will be there when they leave the home because we will naturally worry about them, and want to have a relationship with them. We just have to find a way to channel that stress, find time for ourselves, remember who we are, and laugh at it. Because in the end, if we did our job to the best of our abilities, the stress is worth it. We get to see them grow to be successful adults. We get to see the picture that we played a large part in forming.
I’m stressed. I’m growing wrinkles. My hair has some gray sprouts. But I love being a parent.

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11 Responses

  1. Darlene Dee says:

    6. WHINING.
    Not crying, but just speaking with a whiney voice. I. Cannot. Handle. It.
    I tell all children (not just my own) that I cannot understand them when they are whining. Even if I can. Yep, I lie to kids. I’m a monster.

  2. Shell says:

    None of these things ever caused me stress over the years with my boys… plenty of other things did but honestly none of these things did..

  3. Ophira says:

    Little one crying relentlessly does stress me out, but I try my best to stay calm and ask myself if there issomething he needs that I am not helping with. if it is just for attention,make it a point to give him more eye contact and more time. But again, this works for us! As with parenting every child and parent is different! 🙂 great post 🙂

  4. Torche' Nash says:

    Ha! I loved this! It definitely takes a lot of patience. I’m a strong believer in getting time for yourself!

  5. HAH! – any day now the gray hairs (AND THERE ARE A *LOT* MORE SINCE BECOMING A MOM!!!) are going to start showing up in photographs of me! My favorite of these is #5, though; I swear, my girls have been practicing for puberty moodiness since they were toddlers.

  6. Renee S says:

    This is soooo funny… but oh so true at the same time. Being a parent takes an extreme amount of patience!

  7. Lydia Jones says:

    I love this post it made me nod in agreement along to each point you have given. But that makes us stronger as parents, keep being an amazing parent 🙂

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